PC*MILER Web Services does not have a static IP address, it is dynamic. Relying on an IP Address is highly discouraged, because it can cause timeouts and connectivity issues.

Our servers are hosted on the Amazon cloud. For information about Amazon IP addresses, see below. The ranges are owned by Amazon and not in ALK's control.


If available, ALK recommends that our customers use URL filtering for their firewall, allowing traffic from https://*.alk.com. Doing this will allow for all traffic from our ALK Maps and PC*MILER Web Services to pass through your firewall. For a detailed list of the URLs that each service leverages, please see the table below.

ServiceURLs to Allow
PC*MILER Web Serviceshttps://pcmiler.alk.com
ALK Mapshttps://pcmiler.alk.com, https://pcmiler-a.alk.com, https://pcmiler-b.alk.com, https://pcmiler-c.alk.com, https://pcmiler-d.alk.com, https://maps.alk.com
ALK ContentToolshttps://contenttools.alk.com, https://dataanywhere.alk.com, https://contentsvc.alk.com,  https://authws.alk.com and all from ALK Maps
ALK MapSurehttps://mapsure.alk.com, https://dataanywhere.alk.com, https://contentsvc.alk.com, https://authws.alk.com and all from ALK Maps