Definition of a Site: ‘Site’ contains name of ‘Place’ it encompasses, Name of the Site, Entry Point Gate Address, Entry Point Gate Latitude and Longitude, Entry Point Driver Notes (if any), Exit Point Gate Address, Exit Point Latitude and Longitude, Exit Point Driver Notes (if any), Entry+Exit Gate Address, Entry+Exit Latitude and Longitude, Driver Notes (if any).

Note: A Site must have at least one Entry and one Exit gate, or at least one Entry+Exit gate.

To create a ‘Site’ follow these steps:

  1. Select a saved Place, click on ‘New’ in the Site section.

    Figure 1

  2. Click anywhere on the map to begin drawing the Site polygon around the Place. Ensure that the Place is within the polygon.

  3. Double-click to finish drawing

    Figure 2

  4. If Site polygon is not what you want then click on ‘Clear’ to restart the drawing of the site polygon.

    Figure 3