NOTE:  PC*MILER includes an easy way to check for updates from within the application.  Keeping current on updates is important to maintain the usability of your copy of PC*MILER.  See section 17.3, PC*MILER Updates.

Version 31 includes the following new features and enhancements:


  • ENHANCED! Improved truck-specific route and mileage calculations.

        Routing improvements are a major part of a PC*MILER release and each annual version release confirms our commitment to                 enhancing the quality of PC*MILER’s truck-specific routing database, mileage calculations and driving directions. This year's focus         was on:

  • Improving how a route’s path interacts with conditional road restrictions such as restrictions based on direction of travel, no through truck restrictions, and maneuvering restrictions (e.g. no left turn based on time of day).
  • Redefining routing logic so that the use of left turns, right turns, sharp turns, U-turns and K-turns in the route were specified for the vehicle dimensions entered in Route Profiles as well as based on road type of where the turns would occur.
  • Improving precision and coverage of nationwide U.S. street-level roads and address ranges (requires a license for PC*MILER|Streets).
  • Adding newly constructed roads and exit interchanges.
  • Improving city and ZIP/Postal Code placement and alignment.
  • Specifically for commercial vehicles, additional updates include but are not limited to:
  • Applying urban coding to appropriate city-centers to aid in generating better routes through congested areas.
  • Improving highway-level coverage and truck-specific through-travel routing within city limits (e.g. keeping drivers on roads designated by local and state authorities as preferred/designated for truck travel).
  • Updating vertical clearance data to accurately model posted limits at railroad crossings and overpasses, as well as other types of lower clearance bridges.
  • Verifying truck restrictions and allowances. Classifications include truck designated roads, truck discouraged roads, height/weight restrictions and allowances, commercial prohibited road classifications, hazardous materials restrictions/allowances, and others.

  • ENHANCED! Improved reporting of conditional route and road restrictions in the Detailed Route and Driver’s Reports.

        PC*MILER 31 now provides a more complete description of conditional route restrictions in the Detailed Route and Driver’s                     reports, as well as in the Route window’s stop list.

        Conditional Restrictions are any link and turn restrictions and/or allowances that are not applicable to all types of vehicles at all               times. These restrictions include:

  • Road Closures – e.g. when a road is closed between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm
  • Truck Restrictions – e.g. when a road is restricted to one direction of travel based on weight
  • Turn Restrictions – e.g. when a road has a left turn restriction from 7:00 am and 11:00 pm

        In general, if a special or conditional restriction is encountered along a route, it is now described in the Detailed Route Report and           Driver's Report in greater detail; as well as tagged and summarized in the Route window's stop list.

  • ENHANCED! “Truck Restrictions” and “Commercially Prohibited” road attributes now displayed by default on the map.

        These attributes can be turned on or off in the Map > Map Features dialog. In previous versions, they were turned off by default             when PC*MILER was installed. However, based on customer feedback, these features are now turned on upon installation.

  • ENHANCED! Live road closure data used in route calculation.

        When Arrival/Departure is set to Depart Now in the Routes window, PC*MILER|Traffic now takes live reports of road closures into           account when calculating the route. (Requires a license for PC*MILER|Traffic.)

  • NEW! Default average road speeds by jurisdiction have been updated to improve drive times and ETA calculations.

        Recalibrated default road speeds for trucks now yield more accurate drive times and ETA calculations. Users can continue to                 adjust default road speeds by accessing the Application Settings window, at File > Application Settings > General > Road                   Speeds. 

  • NEW! Cities can now be searched by full state name.

        In the route window, the City field can include the spelled-out name of a state as part of a place name. Prior to PC*MILER 31, only         state abbreviations could be used when specifying a state.

        For example, all of the following forms are now accepted:

            princeton, nj

            princeton nj

            princeton, new jersey

  • NEW! Support for mileage calculations in whole numbers.

        In addition to distance calculations rounded to tenths, hundredths, and thousandths, PC*MILER 31 can report distances rounded           to the nearest whole number. The setting for this can be found in File > Application Settings > Units > Distance Precision. 

  • NEW! Support for Mexico City’s status change from a federal district to a city.

        Recently, Mexico changed the name of the country’s capital from “Distro Federal” to “Ciudad de Mexico”. To accommodate this               change, PC*MILER 31 now accepts the following forms of input for the city:

            Mexico City, DF

            Mexico City, CMX

            Mexico City, Ciudad de Mexico

        Users cannot enter "Mexico City, Distrito Federal" or "Mexico City, DIF", those state names and codes no longer exist in the                   database.

  • ENHANCED! Some Route Option categories have been renamed for clarity.

        The following Route Option categories have been renamed as follows:

  • “Size and Weight Restrictions” has been renamed “Restrictions”.
  • “Hazardous Materials” has been renamed “Hazmat”. (Requires a license for PC*MILER|Hazmat.)

        The changes were made to better reflect their use when generating a route.

  • NEW! Current and forecasted road conditions are now displayed on the map.

        (Requires a license for PC*MILER|Weather.) The Road Conditions overlay is both predictive and real-time. It can display current             road conditions, as well as road conditions up to 24 hours in advance to gauge potential impacts on the route plan. Road                         conditions are designated as dry, wet/slippery, water/snow and ice/snow.

  • NEW! New Weather Alert category for “Wind Alerts”.

        (Requires a license for PC*MILER|Weather.) A new Weather Alert group called “Wind Alerts” has been created. The group                     contains watches, warnings, and advisories for wind-related weather events that were contained in other categories, such as                 Storm Alerts, Winter/Snow Alerts, and Air Quality Alerts.

  • NEW! PC*MILER now runs on Windows Server 2016.

        Installation on Windows Server 2016 is supported with this release.

  • ENHANCED! Custom Place icon is now visible at higher zoom levels on the map.

        Users can now view custom places at a greater range of zoom levels on the map.

  • NEW! The Drag Map and Box Zoom tools can now be selected in the Map window.

        The Drag Map (hand) and Box Zoom tools have been added to the Map window for ease of use. The tools are also available at             their original location on the Map ribbon bar.

  • ENHANCED! Simplified layout of the settings in the Map Features dialog.

        To provide a better user experience, the Map Features settings have been optimized so that they are grouped by functional                     categories. (NOTE: Some features shown may require additional licenses.)

  • NEW! Visibility of turn restrictions can now be controlled from the Map window.

        With this release, turn restriction icons (such as no-right or no-left) can be turned on or off within the map by right-clicking the map         and selecting “Turn Restrictions” from the menu.

  • NEW! Save button in the Report window.

        For convenience, a button in the upper right corner of the Report window enables you to Save the report to a location on your                 computer. This button works the same as selecting Save Report to File from the File menu.

  • ENHANCED! Clicking the “X” in the Route window error message clears the message.

        With PC*MILER 31, error messages appearing in the route window can be dismissed by selecting the “X” to the right of the                     message.

  • NEW! “Distribution Center” Place of Interest (POI) category has been added.

        The “Distribution Center” category was created to accommodate greater numbers of this type of POI.

  • ENHANCED! Report titles added to the top of previewed and printed reports.

        To help users identify the source and content of reports generated by PC*MILER, the formal title is now printed at the top.

  • NEW! Insert new stops in the Route window by clicking the plus sign.

        Inserting stops in the Route window is simplified with this release. Just click the “plus” sign ( + ) in the left column at the point                 where you want to insert the stop to insert a new row and enter a stop. This functionally is the same as right-clicking a row and               selecting Insert Stop Above from the menu.

  • ENHANCED! Expanded amenity icons in Place of Interest (POI) searches.

        PC*MILER 31 has expanded the range of amenity icons that appear in POI searches. The new icons enable better-informed                   choices when planning routes.

  • ENHANCED! “Distance” renamed “Geographical Distance” in results tables.

        In results tables showing the distance to locations or Places of Interest (POI), the “Distance” column has been renamed                           “Geographical Distance.” This was done to clarify that the distance shown is a straight-line air distance from the starting point, and         not an over-the- road distance (which is always longer).

  • NEW! The Remote Support and License Tools are now accessible from the Help tab.

        From the Help tab, two existing support tools have new ways to access them:

  • The Remote Support Tool can be started by selecting it in the Technical Support group.
  • The License Tool can be started by selecting it in the Help group. The tool can also be started from a shortcut icon that was placed on the desktop when PC*MILER 31 was installed.

  • ENHANCED! The Comparison Report’s “Visibility” checkboxes are now synchronized with the Route window’s “Show/Hide” control.

        The Comparison Report’s “Visibility” checkboxes and the Route window’s “Show/Hide” controls are functionally identical; however,         in previous releases, changing one did not change the other. With this release, the two controls are synchronized so that changing         one changes the other to the same state.


  • NEW! Automatic verification of disk space before installation.

        The software installation program now verifies that there is enough space on the computer hard drive before attempting an                     installation.

  • ENHANCED! Reset to Default option now available in Application Settings > Route Costs.

        A “Reset To Default” button in the Route Costs settings enables the resetting of these values to the PC*MILER defaults.

Integration Products

  • NEW! Internet-enabled features of PC*MILER can now connect with IPv6 addresses.

        (Requires a license for PC*MILER|TCP/IP.) For companies that have migrated to an IPv6 data communications schema for added         speed and security, PC*MILER can now connect with IPv6 network addresses.


  • ENHANCED!  New PCMSLookup option 3 for address lookups.

        (NOTE: Requires a license for PC*MILER|Connect.) A new option 3 for the function PCMSLookup() has been added to enable               address lookup in conjunction with PCMSGetFmtMatch4().  This new functionality can be used in place of the deprecated function         PCMSLatLongToAddress().  For example:

            PCMSLookup (trip, “32.921474,-97.225534”, 3)


            PCMSFmtMatch4() (used as described in the PC*MILER|Connect User’s Guide)

  • ENHANCED! Improved log files include product key codes.

        PC*MILER generates log files that are sometimes used by support staff when customer support is necessary. In this release, the           log files include the key codes for the products that are used for your installed products. This information can inform support staff           of the specific versions of the software installed; which can be helpful in troubleshooting.

  • ENHANCED! Improved sample code is compatible with 64-bit API libraries.

        (Requires a license for PC*MILER|Connect.) For programmers who use the PC*MILER|Connect application programming                       interface (API), the sample code included has been updated and verified to be compatible with the 64-bit libraries.