Customers who have obtained permits can change the status of hazmat-prohibited roads.

  1. First make sure “Hazmat” is checked in the Map Features dialog (Map tab > Map Features).   
  2. Select the Tools tab > Adjust for Permits.
  3. In the map window click on the prohibited road(s) that you wish to make accessible for routing. The adjusted route segments will change color (the color will depend on which map style is currently active).  


All user-created road preferences are saved and managed in the Hazmat Permits tab of the Avoid/Favor Manager. A comment may be added to each record, either by typing a comment in the Add Comment dialog that appears when a road segment is clicked or by entering it directly in the Avoid/Favor Manager.  

The custom road settings you create can be removed by clicking again on the same roads with the Adjust for Permits tool, or by using the Avoid/Favor Manager.