PC*MILER Energy is an energy-focused map data set for the oil and gas industry. The data set includes access roads and infrastructure coverage across states and provinces in North America where oil and gas wells are actively developed and known reserves are found. (PC*MILER Energy is a separate add-on data module for PC*MILER. Your PC*MILER installation must also include the Streets add-on). 

PC*MILER Energy gives you the ability to:

  • Plot the latitude/longitude of a wellhead, facility or land survey address and route directly to it, then view that route on the PC*MILER map. 
  • Generate turn-by-turn directions on leased or bonded roads in and out of well sites and other facilities. 
  • Assign a custom average road speed to all roads classified as “Energy Road” in the PC*MILER Energy dataset for ETA accuracy.
  • Switch between the base PC*MILER map data set, accessible to general users of PC*MILER, and the PC*MILER Energy oil- and gas-specific data set. 
  • Use the PC*MILER Import Custom Place Wizard to customize the PC*MILER database with specific wellhead, facility and land survey addresses, and group those locations into one or more POI (place of interest) category.

PC*MILER also gives users access to land survey addresses from the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) and the Dominion Land Survey (DLS) including Land Survey Grids (LSDs)*. Land survey POIs give users the ability to route to locations on roads that were created too recently to be included in the most current update of PC*MILER’s energy road database.

* Oil and Gas field content provided by GEOTrac Systems Inc.