With PC*MILER Energy data purchased and installed, select the Map tab > Change Data Set and select NA Energy - Streets. To route with the Energy data set, the Highway & Streets option must be selected in Routing Preferences as a route option or profile option and the region must be North America in Application Settings

If PC*MILER Energy and Streets add-on are licensed and installed, you have access to land survey addresses from the Public Land Survey System (PLSS) and the Dominion Land Survey (DLS) including Land Survey Grids (LSDs). You can search for a land survey name using an exact character match. These locations can be added as stops on a route, saved as custom places, and displayed on the map.  

Entering a Survey Address

Options listed at the top of the route entry window should include “Streets”, indicating that local streets will be included in routing calculations, and “North America” as the region.

1. In a route window, click the stop format drop-down and select Survey Address.

2. Enter a full survey address. Example formats: 

PLSS: SW NW S27 T010N R020W 

DLS: 14-34- 012-22W3

3. Make a selection in the pick list that opens and click OK.

Viewing an Energy Address on the Map

To change the map to a satellite view, select the Map tab > Map Style. An Internet connection is required to display satellite images.     

Energy Roads in Reports

Roads that provide access into and out of well sites and other energy-related facilities are classified as “Energy Roads” on the PC*MILER map and in PC*MILER reports. Examples of how Energy Roads are identified in three report types are below.