Syncing your custom place data makes it available to all other users on the ALK Cloud account that you are logged into. The goal is to provide built-in sharing and backup of this data so that users need not manage their custom places manually and can share files over a network. 

To sync data on the Cloud, you must login to the same ALK Cloud account on both the server and the workstation. Even if you login to the ALK Cloud account on your workstation, but you are not logged into the same account on the server, syncing won’t work.

How to Sync Data

To sync your data, select Sync Data on the ALK Cloud ribbon in the PC*MILER application window.  

Please keep in mind

1. Only one user at a time may edit the data set on the ALK Cloud (by syncing), simultaneous editing is not currently supported.  

2. Data syncs always apply in both directions (to and from the cloud) and data from the ALK cloud is synced back to users as a complete set. Data will never be partially synced. Syncing your data will overwrite any local unsynced data sets. 

3. The most recent set of synced custom places will be available locally in the Custom Place Manager when there is no current internet connection, provided the user remains logged into their ALK Cloud account. When logged out of ALK Cloud, custom places won’t appear in the Manager until the user logs in again. 

4. All users on the Cloud should sync up immediately after login to avoid the possibility of data loss.  

5. Cloud data is not available when the user is not logged in. Only data that was created locally when the user was offline will be available. 

6. A user should not choose to use the Cloud sometimes and not other times. Participation in ALK Cloud Services is optional. Users may choose to continue storing data locally. However, intermittent use of ALK Cloud Services would create a non-optimal situation in which the most up-to-date or desired data might not be available to other Cloud users.