You must fully deactivate the product’s license and uninstall all PC*MILER components, including local, network, enterprise, or server installations if you are:

  • Moving any PC*MILER installation to a new computer.
  • Reformatting a computer that PC*MILER is currently installed to.
  • Returning the product.
  • Reinstalling on the same PC.

How to Deactivate and Uninstall

1. Open the PC*MILER application and start the License Tool by selecting the Help tab > License Tool. Then, in the PC*MILER License Tool window click Deactivate.

2. In the PC*MILER Product Deactivation window, click Deactivate.

3. When the deactivation is complete, you will see a “Deactivation Complete” message, with the deactivated product keys listed below.

4. Close the Product Deactivation and License Tool windows.

5. To uninstall after deactivating, go to the Start menu and find Control Panel > Apps & Features (or the equivalent on your system).

6. Highlight PC*MILER xx, right-mouse click and select Uninstall.

7. Click Yes at the prompt to completely remove the application.

8. IMPORTANT: Click Finish when the installation process is complete. Once the uninstall process is finished, you will need to delete the …ALK Technologies\PCMILERxx folder manually to completely remove the PC*MILER application from your system. The default location for this folder is C:\ALK Technologies\PCMILERxx.

NOTE: If you deactivate an installation that included PC*MILER components that were licensed and added after the initial installation, you will need to add those components separately again when you reinstall.