All avoid/favor road preferences are saved in the Avoid/Favor Manager. To open it, select the Tools tab > Manager or press Alt+F2 on your keyboard. In this Manager you can create, delete, edit or export existing avoid/favor preferences.

Using the Manager

The Avoid/Favor Manager map includes most but not all of the features that exist in the PC*MILER map window. It can be used just like the PC*MILER map to designate or delete road preferences – click one of the avoid/favor buttons at the top, then click a road segment on the map to add it to the corresponding list. 

  • To zoom your map view to a road segment listed in any tab of the Manager, first highlight it in the applicable tab and then double-click.  
  • To delete an individual custom road segment from any tab in the Manager, highlight it and click the “X” on the far right. Click Delete All to delete the entire contents of the list in any tab.
  • To add or edit a comment, highlight an avoid/favor on the list then, in the highlighted row, double-click in the Comments column. 
  • To save your edits, click the “X” in the upper right corner to close the Manager window.