PC*MILER|Connect offers transportation professionals and software developers access to PC*MILER features from other applications. Client applications are able to retrieve PC*MILER distances, driving times, state-by-state mileage breakdowns, and detailed driving instructions. (See what's new in PC*MILER 32.)

PC*MILER|Connect allows easy integration of PC*MILER distances into popular software, such as Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel, and custom applications built with various development environments, such as Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++, Delphi, C++ Builder, and more.

The PC*MILER|Connect Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is designed to fulfill all the routing and mileage reporting needs of custom truck and shipper application development. Features include:

  • The PC*MILER Database:  ALK Technologies’ proprietary PC*MILER North American database is the industry standard for point-to-point mileage.  All 2018 U.S. ZIP codes are included, and add-on modules are available for Canadian Postal Codes and SPLCs. Internationally, the PC*MILER|Worldwide database includes over 1 million named locations and over 6.6 million kilometers of truck-specific road segments. PC*MILER|Worldwide generates exact U.S. Department of Defense distances for freight and household goods billing.

  • Standard report formats. You can insert PC*MILER|Connect reports as tab delimited text directly into your applications.These reports include the detailed driving instructions, state-by-state distance breakdowns, and summary distance reports. These reports are the same ones you use in PC*MILER.

  • Direct accessibility from other applications. All these features are accessible from any development environment capable of calling a DLL. In addition, most features are accessible from Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel.