PC*MILER|Connect requires a base installation of PC*MILER. Check here for other PC*MILER platforms and requirements.

The Connect application also requires:

  • 13 MB additional hard disk space.
  • A development system. Interface definitions for Borland C++, MSVC++, and Visual Basic MS Access are currently supported. Sample Win32 VB .Net and C# that run under .Net 3.5 framework and higher.
  • A copy of Microsoft Excel 97 or higher to use PC*MILER|Spreadsheets.

NOTE on the PC*MILER user interface:  To have fuel prices from major providers updated regularly, ensure that the PC*MILER user interface is running on your PC*MILER|Connect server. The user interface is also necessary to change certain trip settings, including the selection of toll discount programs, as well as to change the data set used by Connect.