PC*MILER gives you the capability to assign your own custom names to locations in the PC*MILER database and to assign them to custom categories. 

How to Create Custom Places

1. Select the Tools tab > Add Places; or, to pick a location from the PC*MILER map, select the Tools tab > Pick Places on Map then click on the desired location.

2. (Optional) In the Add a Place dialog, click New to create a new category of custom places.

3. (Optional) Enter a unique Name for this category.

4. (Optional) From the drop-down Pin list, choose an icon to represent this category on the map. (If none is chosen, the generic blue circle will be used.)

5. (Optional) Click Save to save the new category.

6. (Optional) In the Add a Place dialog, make a selection in the Category drop-down. If a category is not selected, the custom place you are creating will be in the generic “Custom” category.

7. In the Add a Place dialog, enter your custom name in the Name field (the same name cannot be used more than once). Enter the PC*MILER location (real name) in the Location and (optionally) Address fields. The location can be in any format that is valid for stop entry.

8. Click Save to save the new custom place name to the PC*MILER database. 

TIP:  Any custom name can only be assigned once. If the name already exists as a custom place in the database, you will see a warning and the Save option won’t be available.

Once a custom place is saved, you can enter it as a stop on a route: in the route window, type the custom name into the City field. Custom place names are sensitive to spacing – for example, the name “01586,GM” is not the same as “01586, GM” (PC*MILER|Worldwide required to enter stops in regions other than North America).

View or Edit Custom Places

Press F2 or select the Tools tab > Manage.

View or edit custom categories

  • Select the Tools tab > Categories.  
  • Click Edit.
  • Make your edits to the Name or Pin.
  • Click Save.