PC*MILER|RouteSync is a licensed add-on feature for PC*MILER|Connect that provides a direct link between two of ALK Technologies' solutions: PC*MILER routing, mileage and mapping software in the back office and CoPilot Truck – ALK’s truck-specific GPS navigation system – in the vehicle. 

PC*MILER|Connect APIs allow you to create RouteSync messages which you will then need to inject into the CoPilot Truck client via the CoPilot SDK. PC*MILER|Connect APIs will not transport the RouteSync messages across the communication channels into the in-cab navigation system; instead, it is up to the user to make sure that the messages are communicated to the in-cab navigation system running CoPilot SDK.

A typical use would involve creating the trip using PC*MILER and then producing the RouteSync-managed trip message that contains the information about that route. That message can then be communicated to the in-cab system running CoPilot Truck client software. Using the CoPilot SDK, the user can inject that message into CoPilot and the CoPilot application will then generate the route that is identical to the route created by PC*MILER in the back office.