The PC*MILER COM Interface is an Automation Server that allows you to access the functionality of the PCMSRV32.DLL in an object-oriented way. The PC*MILER COM Interface can be used to easily integrate PC*MILER with your application written in Visual Basic, Delphi, or any other visual RAD environment.  

The PC*MILER COM Interface can also easily be used with the Active Server Pages (ASP) environment, which enables integrating PC*MILER functionality into your Web application.

When using PC*MILER|Connect with COM via Internet Information Services (IIS) you must configure the website to be set up using physical path credentials that are a part of the "Administrators" user group. The directory where the code is stored should have "Full Control" for the user or users as well. When configuring the Application Pool being used, we recommend enabling 32-Bit Applications, Classic Managaed Pipeline Mode, and a Identity of Network Service if running the PC*MILER|Connect sample.

Each PC*MILER|Connect object:

  • Has characteristics, known as properties; for example, you can set a property to change the default region for routing or to create a trip object.
  • Can perform certain actions, called methods; for example, you can use methods to convert place names to lat/long coordinates and vice versa.

The PC*MILER COM Interface consists of various objects. The PC*MILER|Connect object is the only object you can create directly. To access other objects, like a trip, pick list, report, report leg, report segment, trip options or points along the route, you have to call the server object’s methods.

The lifetime of trip, report leg, trip options and report segment objects is limited by the life span of the server object, while pick list, points along the route and report objects can be used after the trip object has been deleted. 

One way to create a COM object in VB is to call the CreateObject function with the object’s ProgID

Dim server as Object 

Set server = CreateObject("objectProjgId”)
Set server = Nothing

Another way is to add a reference to the project. For details see Visual Basic help.

The PC*MILER automation server ProgID for the current version can be found in the system registry. The version independent ProgID for PC*MILER automation server is: "PCMServer.PCMServer”.