PC*MILER|BatchPro can be customized to determine how closely input locations must match at least one location in the PC*MILER database to be considered valid input. 

This "geocoding confidence level” in BatchPro is normally set by default to match the level used by the PC*MILER user interface. However, this setting can be changed in BatchPro’s configuration file (pcmbatch.cfg) to allow more flexibility in the matching process.

To change the confidence level 

1. Find the pcmbatch.cfg file in your installation directory. (If PC*MILER was installed in the default location, the file will be in C:\ALK Technologies ... BatchPro directory).  

2. Open this file in Notepad or another text editor.  

3. In the [Route Options] section, find this line: “ExactnessLevel”=85 ("85” is a percentage, meaning BatchPro must find an 85% match or better in the database to accept each place in the input file.) 

4. Change the number higher or lower, then save the pcmbatch.cfg file. A higher percentage may increase the number of places in your input file that are rejected, but improve the overall accuracy of data matching.