Trimble MAPS continuously updates its map data so that you can generate the best routes for your vehicles. Below are highlights of updates made by our team of mapping experts in North America for Q1.1 2019. For more details, please refer to the .pdf file attached to this article.  

NOTE: Data updates may be made available in different products at different times. The type of data available also depends on your licensing. Please contact us if you are unsure of your data licensing.

In this article:


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U.S. ZIP Code Additions

SPLC Additions

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  • Updates to the road network were made in 83 counties
  • 32 new construction road projects were added
  • Truck attributes were updated
  • Truck through-travel restrictions were updated within 32 city limits
  • Weight limits were updated in Alaska, Arizona, British Columbia, Idaho, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Utah and Washington, D.C. 
  • Posted vertical clearances were reviewed and updated in Connecticut
  • Tolls were updated to reflect new rates in Delaware and Ontario
  • City points and postal codes were updated for the U.S. and Canada
  • 6 truck stops and 126 manufacturing plants were added to the Places database

Select Construction Updates

A sampling of the construction updates in this release:


HawaiiLahaina Bypass – Lahaina Bypass is a new 2.7 mile four lane bypass from just south of Kai Hele Ku Street to Hokiokio Place.  Lahaina, HI  20.850595N, 156.652982W.

Midwest Region

MichiganI-75 Business, West 3 Mile Road and South Mackinac Trail Roundabout – Intersection of I-75 Business, West 3 Mile Road and South Mackinac Trail was reconfigured into a roundabout.  Sault Ste. Marie, MI  46.462969N, 84.372990W

John Shields Parkway Extension – New section of John Shields Parkway between Dale Drive and Village Parkway. Dublin, OH  40.105758N, 83.104155W

Plains and Rockies Region

ColoradoUS-287 and County Route 54 G Roundabout – US-287 and County Route 54 G was reconfigured into a roundabout. Fort Collins, CO  40.627364N, 105.111W

I-235 and US-54 – Cloverleaf interchange of I-235 and US-54 was reconfigured into a partial cloverleaf and flyovers. Wichita, KS  37.673205N, 97.401436W

South Region

FloridaFL-100 and South Lakewood Drive – Intersection of FL-100 and South Lakewood Drive was realigned 2000 feet to the north.  Starke, FL  29.947687N, 82.141724W

I-44 Exit 20 – Ramp structure at I-44 and US-62 was reconfigured into a partial cloverleaf.  Lawton, OK  34.638612N, 98.387768W


Newfoundland & LabradorBlackmarsh Road, Georges Pond Road and Empire Avenue Roundabout – Intersection of Blackmarsh Road, Georges Pond Road and Empire Avenue was reconfigured into a roundabout.  St John’s, NL  47.540657N, 52.765927W

Chief Mistawasis Bridge – New bridge connecting Victoria Avenue and Spadina Crescent East.  Saskatoon, SK 52.122026N, 106.663363W

U.S. ZIP Code Additions

These codes were added to the data as new codes or a new acceptable name to an existing code. 

  • 54435 Gleason, WI, Lincoln
  • 63129 Saint Louis, MO, St. Louis
  • 92610 Foothill Ranch, CA, Orange
  • 92679 Trabuco Canyon, CA, Orange

SPLC Additions

  • 548334000 Adair, IA, Guthrie

Select Toll Data Updates

The toll data updates is this release:

  • Delaware: Delaware Memorial Bridge - rates increase as of 5/1/2019
  • Ontario: 407-ETR - rates increase as of 2/1/2019

How to Access the Most Current Data

PC*MILER Installed Software 

PC*MILER Web and Web Services 

Updates are automatically available upon release. To access:

  • Web—In the Routes panel, mark the Route Options > Reporting Preferences > Report Data Version field with Current.
  • Web Services—Mark the dataVersion field with current.


  • App Store Customers—You will be notified to download updates through the app.
  • Enterprise Customers (Indirect)—Contact the partner who sold you CoPilot to be sure you have the latest app version and data. 
  • Enterprise Customers (Direct) and Integration Partners—Updates can be downloaded over the air via API or directly from our portal

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You will be notified to download updates through the app.


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