Trimble MAPS continuously updates its map data so you can generate the best routes for your vehicles. Below are highlights of updates made by our team of mapping experts in North America for Q3 2019. For more details, please refer to the .pdf file attached to this article.  

NOTE: Data updates may be made available in different products at different times. The type of data available also depends on your licensing. Please contact us if you are unsure of your data licensing.


  • Updates to the road network were made in 133 counties
  • 21 new construction road projects were added
  • Truck attributes were updated; totaling more than 900,000 miles
  • Truck through-travel restrictions were updated within 29 city limits
  • Weight limits were updated in Mississippi, New York and Saskatchewan
  • Posted vertical clearances were reviewed and updated in Texas and Prince Edward Island
  • Tolls were updated to reflect new rates in California, Florida, Indiana, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Texas
  • City points and postal codes were updated for the US and Canada
  • 15 truck stops, 10 distribution centers and 25 manufacturing plants were added to the Places database
  • 791 new Site locations were coded (419 distribution centers, 1 intermodal facility, 362 manufacturing plants and 9 truck stops)
  • More than 200 miles of new highway-level network was added to the United States

Select Construction Updates

A sampling of the construction updates in this release:

Eastern Region


VA-165 and VA-166 Intersection – The intersection of VA-165 and VA-166 was reconfigured from a ‘t’ shape to a continuous flowing intersection.  Norfolk, VA 36.874788N, 76.210736W

 I-95 Exit 118 Interchange Modification – Interchange of I-95 and VA-606 ramp structure was reconfigured.  Thornburg, VA  38.13235N, 77.511054W

Midwest Region


East 126th Street and Parkside Drive Roundabout – The intersection of East 126th Street and Parkside Drive was reconfigured into a roundabout.  Noblesville, IN  39.971482N, 86.000332W


County Route 33 and County Route 34 Roundabout – The intersection of County Route 33 and County Route 34 was reconfigured into a roundabout.  Young America, MN  44.786297N, 93.92955W


I-70, Highway F and Highway H Interchange – The interchange of I-70, Highway F and Highway H was reconfigured into a diverging diamond interchange.  Oak Grove, MO  39.016319N, 94.128699W


New Albany Road and Town Market Lane Intersection – The intersection of New Albany Road and Town Market Lane was reconfigured from a ‘t’ shape intersection to an oblong circle.  New Albany, OH  40.09999N, 82.826027W

Northwest Region


US-2 and Spokane Tribe Boulevard Roundabout – The intersection of US-2 and Spokane Tribe Blvd was reconfigured into a roundabout.  Spokane, WA  47.642913N, 117.609833W

Plains and Rockies Region


US-212 Realignment – US-212 was realigned between Rockvale and Laurel, MT.  Laurel, MT  45.604037N, 108.822813W

South Region


AR-265 Realignment – AR-265 was realigned between East Randall Wobbe Lane and AR-264.  Springdale, AR  36.214899N, 94.120256W


FL-821 (Florida’s Turnpike) and FL-874 (Don Shula Expressway) – New ramp configuration connecting Southwest 117th Ave to northbound Florida’s Turnpike and northbound Don Shula Expressway.  Miami, FL  25.648261N, 80.3855W


Interstate 40 Interchanges (Jackson) – The interchange of I-40 and TN-186 was reconfigured after the demolishment of two cloverleaf ramps which were replaced with shorter connector ramps.  Jackson, TN  35.663661N, 88.854192W



Calgary Ring Road (AB-8 and Sarcee Trail Southwest) – The intersection of AB-8 and Sarcee Trail Southwest was reconfigured.  Calgary, AB  51.013504N, 114.16564W

U.S. ZIP Code Additions

  • 83001 Teton Village, WY, Teton

Canadian Postal Codes Added

  • H4B 5G0 Montreal, QC
  • L3T 2A7 North York, ON
  • L4H 0A5 Vaughan, ON
  • L4H 0J2 Vaughan, ON
  • L4H 0K8 Vaughan, ON
  • L4H 0R9 Vaughan, ON
  • L4H 0S5 Vaughan, ON
  • L4H 4N5 Vaughan, ON
  • T7X 5A1 Acheson, AB

SPLC Added

  • 447174251 Army Field Support Battalion Charleston-Goose Creek, SC, Berkeley
  • 878600305 Chevron Signature Flight Support Fresno, CA, Fresno

Select Toll Data Updates

The toll data updates is this release:

  • Oklahoma : Turnpikes of Oklahoma - rates increased as of 7/15/2019
  • California: Foothill-Eastern Toll Road - rates increased as of 7/1/2019
  • Florida: East-West Expressway - rates increased as of 7/1/2019
  • Indiana: Indiana Toll Road - rates increased as of 7/1/2019
  • Texas: President George Bush Turnpike - rates increased as of 7/1/2019

How to Access the Most Current Data

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  • Web—In the Routes panel, mark the Route Options > Reporting Preferences > Report Data Version field with Current.
  • Web Services—Mark the dataVersion field with Current.


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  • Enterprise Customers (Indirect)—Contact the partner who sold you CoPilot to be sure you have the latest app version and data. 
  • Enterprise Customers (Direct) and Integration Partners—Updates can be downloaded over the air via API or directly from our portal

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