Trimble MAPS continuously updates its map data so you can generate the best routes for your vehicles. Below are highlights of updates made by our team of mapping experts in North America for Q4.1 2019. For more details, please refer to the .pdf file attached to this article.  

NOTE: Data updates may be made available in different products at different times. The type of data available also depends on your licensing. Please contact us if you are unsure of your data licensing.


  • Updates to the road network were made in 147 counties
  • 72 new construction road projects were added
  • Truck attributes were updated; totaling more than 900,000 miles
  • Truck through-travel restrictions were updated within 72 city limits
  • Weight limits were updated in Colorado, Hawaii, Kentucky, South Dakota & Tennessee
  • Posted vertical clearances were reviewed and updated in Montana, Mississippi, & Oregon
  • Tolls were updated to reflect new rates in Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, New York, Oregon, Texas & Virginia
  • City points and postal codes were updated for the US and Canada
  • 8 truck stops, 1 weigh station, 49 manufacturing plants, 1 rest area, and 73 distribution centers were added to the Places database
  • 440 new site locations were coded (97 distribution centers, 62 manufacturing plants, 241 weigh stations, 33 LCV lots and 7 truck stops)
  • More than 1,700 customer reported issues were fixed
  • More than 375 miles of new highway-level network was added to the United States

Select Construction Updates

A sampling of the construction updates in this release:

Eastern Region

New YorkI-87 Exit 5 – The interchange at I-87 and NY-155 now has a new southbound entrance ramp. Albany, NY  42.737996N, 73.784357W
PennsylvaniaI-283 and PA-283 Ramp – New left hand ramp between westbound PA-283 to southbound I-283. Highspire, PA  40.218378N, 76.788897W

Midwest Region

IllinoisJane Byrne Interchange Phase 1 – Entrance and exit ramp reconfigured for the junction of I-90/94 and I-290.  A new ramp connecting northbound I-90/94 to eastbound Congress Parkway now open.  Chicago, IL   41.875556N, 87.645558W
IndianaI-469 and US-24 Interchange – New ramp from northbound I-469 to eastbound US-24.  Fort Wayne, IN  41.082617N, 84.990139W

US-30 Bypass – New four lane 6 mile bypass around the towns of Mount Vernon and Lisbon. Mount Vernon, IA  41.910698N, 91.426802W

MichiganWinchester Street and Devonshire Street Roundabout – The intersection of Winchester Street and Devonshire Street was reconfigured into a roundabout.  Detroit, MI  42.493346N, 83.25185W
OhioI-680 Exit 164 – New partial cloverleaf interchange at the junction of I-680 and OH-164.  North Lima, OH  40.961562N, 80.639651W

Northwest Region


East Bigelow Gulch Road and North Forker Road – Intersection of East Bigelow Gulch Road and North Forker Road was reconfigured.  Spokane, WA   47.721497N, 117.214435W

Plains and Rockies Region

North Dakota

New Town Northwest Route – New road ND-23B Truck Route now extends from ND-23 to ND-1804.  New Town, ND  47.988812N, 102.505647W

South Region


I-49 and 8th Street Extension and Interchange – Extension of 8th Street between Moberly Lane and I-49 with a new interchange connection  8th Street to I-49.  Bentonville, AR  36.363579N, 94.175841W

GeorgiaUS-19/41 and Conley Road Realignment – Intersection of US-19/41 and Conley Road has been realigned 700 feet to the east.  Atlanta, GA   33.640111N, 84.387971W
LouisianaLA-616 and Good Hope Road Roundabout – The interchange of LA-616 and Good Hope Road was reconfigured into a roundabout.  West Monroe, LA  32.536279N, 92.1694W
OklahomaNorthwest 178th Street and North Meridian Avenue Roundabout – The interchange of Northwest 178th Street and North Meridian Avenue was reconfigured into a roundabout.  Edmond, OK  35.653094N, 97.602821W
TennesseeTesla Road – New road between TN-35 to TN-335.  Alcoa, TN  35.794563N, 83.986661W

Southwest Region


South Mountain Freeway Pecos Segment – New segment of the South Mountain Freeway extending from 17th Avenue to I-17, with interchanges at 17th Avenue, Desert Foothills Parkway, 24th Street and 40th Street.   Phoenix, AZ  33.294459N, 111.980687W

CaliforniaCA-99 Exit 98B – Interchange of CA-99 and Betty Drive was reconfigured from a diamond to a partial cloverleaf interchange. Goshen, CA  36.35083N, 119.427095W
UtahSaddleback Boulevard Extension and Roundabout – Extension of Saddleback road from North Mountain View Road to North Lakeshore Drive with a roundabout at the intersection of East Sunset Road and East Saddleback Boulevard.  Lake Point, UT  40.682997N, 112.260443W



AB-39 and Range Road 263 Roundabout – The intersection of AB-39 and Range Road 263 was reconfigured into a roundabout.  Calmar, AB   53.265105N, 113.732096W

SaskatchewanSK-7 Bypass – New 4 lane bypass around the town of Vanscoy.  Vanscoy, SK   52.009752N, 106.980108W

U.S. ZIP Codes Added

  • 18414 Dalton, PA, Lackawanna
  • 18414 N Abingtn Twp, PA, Lackawanna
  • 18414 North Abington Township, PA, Lackawanna
  • 18414 Scott Township, PA, Lackawanna
  • 18414 Scott Twp, PA, Lackawanna
  • 18414 W Abingtn Twp, PA, Lackawanna
  • 18414 Waverly Township, PA, Lackawanna
  • 18414 Waverly Twp, PA, Lackawanna
  • 18414 West Abington Township, PA, Lackawanna
  • 87506 Jaconita, NM, Santa Fe
  • 87506 Nambe Pueblo, NM, Santa Fe
  • 87506 San Ildefonso Pueblo, NM, Santa Fe
  • 87506 San Ildefonso, NM, Santa Fe
  • 87506 Santa Fe, NM, Santa Fe
  • 87506 Tesuque Puebl, NM, Santa Fe
  • 87506 Tesuque Pueblo, NM, Santa Fe
  • 93501 Mojave, CA, Kern
  • 93501 Tehachapi, CA, Kern

Mexican Postal Codes Added

  • 22000 Tijuana Centro, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22100 20 de Noviembre Este, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22106 Jeronimo Meza , BJ, Tijuana
  • 22106 Jeronimo Meza Este, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22110 Ruiz Valencia, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22120 Ciudad Industrial Limon, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22120 Parcela 65, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22123 Parcela 42, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22127 Parcela 90, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22170 Colinas de San Isidro, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22180 Obrera 2a Secc, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22183 Anexo Reforma, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22185 Emiliano Zapata, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22194 Qwuinto Batallon, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22196 Sirak M Baloyan, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22205 Fiader, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22215 Americas Oeste, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22223 Capistrano Infonavit, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22225 Parcela 20, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22230 Ejido Matamoros Horoscopo, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22237 El Florido 2, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22250 Realito, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22253 Submetropoli 2000, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22455 Campestre Murua, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22460 Santa Rosa la Mesa, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22470 Catavina, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22470 Cataviña, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22476 Del Sol, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22516 Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada Otay, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22517 Playas de Tijuana Secc Tecnomex, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22520 Raul Sanchez Diaz, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22525 La Joya, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22557 Granjas la Esperanza, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22604 Rancho las Isabeles, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22610 Chapultepec California Anexa, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22614 Segunda Parte del Soler, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22625 Obrera 1a Secc, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22640 La Joya, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22645 La Joya, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22646 Rancho el Tecolote, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22647 Fernando Amilpa Infonavit, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22650 La Floresta 1a Secc, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22650 La Floresta 2a Secc, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22660 Division del Norte, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22660 Merida, BJ, Tijuana
  • 22720 Lazaro Cardenas, BJ, Tijuana

Canadian Postal Codes Added

  • T3J 2E2 Calgary, AB
  • T7X 6C7 Acheson, AB
  • V4M 0B9 Tsawwassen, BC

Select Toll Data Updates

The toll data updates is this release include: 

  • Colorado: E-470 – rates increased for 3-axles and higher on Mainlines as of 1/1/2020.
  • Illinois: Route 390 – rates increased for trucks only as of 1/1/2020.
  • New York: Lewiston-Queenston Bridge – rates increased as of 11/1/2020.
  • Texas: Texas State Highway 99 – rates increased as of 1/1/2020.
  • Virginia: Down Tunnel and Midtown Tunnel – rates increased as of 1/1/2020.

Places Data


All border locations were updated


73 new locations were added to the database


1 new location was added to the database


7 new locations were added to the database


1 new location was added to the database


18 new locations were added to the database

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