Trimble MAPS continuously updates its map data so you can generate the best routes for your vehicles. Below are highlights of updates made by our team of mapping experts in North America for Q4 2020. For more details, please refer to the .pdf file attached to this article. 

NOTE: Data updates may be made available in different products at different times. The type of data available also depends on your licensing. Please contact us if you are unsure of your data licensing.


  • Updates to the road network were made in 296 counties
  • 40 new construction road projects were added
  • Truck attributes were updated; totaling more than 900,000 miles
  • Truck through-travel restrictions were updated within 53 city limits
  • Posted vertical clearances were reviewed and updated in Michigan
  • Tolls were updated to reflect new rates in Michigan, Northwest Territories, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas
  • City points and postal codes were updated for the US and Canada
  • 5 truck stops, 2 distribution centers and 1 manufacturing plant were added to the Places database
  • 9 new site locations were coded (3 distribution centers, 1 manufacturing plant and 5 truck stops)
  • More than 1,600 customer-reported issues were fixed
  • More than 175 miles of new highway-level network was added to the United States

Select Construction Updates

A sampling of the construction updates in this release:

Eastern Region


Poplar Tree Extension – Extension of Poplar Tree Road from Stonecroft Boulevard to Newbrook Drive.  Chantilly, VA  38.868821N, 77.439960W

VA-53 and VA-618 Roundabout – The intersection of VA-53 and VA-618 was reconfigured into a roundabout.  Lake Monticello, VA  37.92789N, 78.359033W

Midwest Region

IndianaUS-6, IN-13 and County Route 33 Roundabout – The intersection of US-6, IN-13 and County Route 33 was reconfigured into a roundabout.  Syracuse, IN  41.450559N, 85.750434W
IowaUS-30 and US-218 Interchange – US-30 and US-218 was reconfigured from an at grade intersection to a cloverleaf interchange.  Cedar Rapids, IA  41.963654N, 92.027479W
MichiganI-94 Exit Ramp, North Range Road and Dove Road Roundabout – The intersection of I-94 exit ramp, North Range Road and Dove Road was reconfigured into a roundabout.  Port Huron, MI  42.949454N, 82.501656W
MinnesotaI-694 and County Route 49 – New eastbound entrance ramp from County Route 49 to I-694.  St. Paul, MN  45.044956N, 93.106271W
OhioVrooman Road Bridge Replacement – New extension of Vrooman Road between I-90 and OH-84.  Painesville, OH  41.726931N, 81.180898W
WisconsinUS-18/151 Ramp – New ramp from westbound US-18/151 to Williamsburg Way.  Madison, WI  43.030878N, 89.460902W

South Region

FloridaI-4 Ultimate Exit 10B – Newly aligned ramp between eastbound FL-408 to Orange Avenue. Orlando, FL  28.535133N, 81.379492W
GeorgiaUS-29 and GA-81 Intersection – The junction of US-29 and GA-81 was reconfigured from a at grade intersection to a diamond interchange.  Bethlehem, GA  33.94609N, 83.754343W
LouisianaTwin Bridges Road, Jackson Street, Horseshoe Drive and Lodi Road Roundabout – The intersection of Twin Bridge Road, Jackson Street, Horseshoe Drive and Lodi Road was reconfigured into a roundabout.  Alexandria, LA  31.263304N, 92.489756W
North CarolinaUS-29/64/70 and NC-8 Roundabout – The interchange of US-29/64/70 and NC-8 was reconfigured into a roundabout.  Lexington, NC  35.835362N, 80.253452W
OklahomaKickapoo Turnpike – New 21 mile long limited access highway between US-62 and I-44.  This includes an interchange at East Britton Road.  Oklahoma City, OK  35.565268N, 97.205507W

Southwest Region


Happy Valley Road Traffic Interchange – The interchange of I-17 and Happy Valley Road was reconfigured from a dumbbell diamond to a diverging diamond interchange.  Phoenix, AZ  33.713012N, 112.118213W

U.S. ZIP Codes Added

  • 15072 Rostraver Township, PA, Westmoreland
  • 15072 Rostraver Twp, PA, Westmoreland
  • 15087 Rostraver Township, PA, Westmoreland
  • 15087 Rostraver Twp, PA, Westmoreland
  • 18504 Ransom Township, PA, Lackawanna
  • 18504 Ransom Twp, PA, Lackawanna
  • 18518 Ransom Township, PA, Lackawanna
  • 18518 Ransom Twp, PA, Lackawanna
  • 35022 Bessemer, AL, Jefferson
  • 35080 Helena, AL, Shelby
  • 35124 Pelham, AL, Shelby
  • 44889 Wakeman, OH, Huron
  • 50950 Boone, IA, Boone
  • 55353 Kimball, MN, Stearns
  • 56301 Saint Cloud, MN, Stearns
  • 56303 Saint Cloud, MN, Stearns
  • 56320 Cold Spring, MN, Stearns
  • 60563 Naperville, IL, DuPage
  • 87301 Black Hat, NM, McKinley
  • 87301 Tes Bonito, NM, McKinley

Canadian Postal Codes Added

  • T7X 6E9 Acheson, AB
  • V3S 0A1 Surrey, BC

U.S. ZIP Codes Removed

  • 32026 Raiford, FL, Union
  • 32072 Olustee, FL, Baker
  • 32237 Jacksonville, FL, Duval
  • 32395 Tallahassee, FL, Leon
  • 50950 Des Moines, IA, Polk
  • 54990 Lola, WI, Waupaca

SPLC Location Corrections

  • 065139000 Davidson, SK, Arm River No 252
  • 200683000 Lawrenceville, PA, Lackawanna
  • 217774000 Pricedale, PA, Westmoreland
  • 217783000 Webster, PA, Westmoreland
  • 345212000 Wakeman, OH, Huron
  • 472933000 Helena, AL, Shelby
  • 472935000 Pelham, AL, Shelby
  • 492290000 Olustee, FL, Baker
  • 505350000 Saint Cloud, MN, Stearns
  • 505376000 Cold Spring, MN, Stearns
  • 505395000 Kimball, MN, Stearns
  • 784185000 Gallup, NM, McKinley
  • 890510240 Hickam AFB, HI, Honolulu

Toll Updates


  • Grosse Ile Bridge - rates increased as of 9/30/2020

New York

  • Peace Bridge - rates increased as of 12/1/2020


  • Ohio Turnpike - rates increase as of 1/1/2021


  • Kickapoo Turnpike, a new toll road, opened the first phase at 97.191112W, 35.638903N on 10/13/2020


  • Central Texas Tollways SH 130 - rates increased as of 11/11/2020

Northwest Territories

  • Deh Cho Bridge - rates increased as of 11/1/2020

Places Data


All border locations were updated


Two new locations were added to the database


Five new locations were added to the database


One new locations was added to the database

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