PC*MILER 28 is failing to open and the Exception Log created in the C:\ALK Technologies\PCMILER28\App directory references: 

Log Error Index


Message keyphrase: Could not load file or assembly 'ALK.CLI.Interop.dll'

-See attached file for a copy

To Resolve

  1. Open the PCM28 Install Disk
  2. Download: http://d2aep9fgmn0aio.cloudfront.net/pcmiler28-main-install.zip
  3. Browse to ISSetupPrerequisites\{3D860CA7-4216-40A5-85BA-64C77AD3D75D}
  4. Run vcredist_x86.exe
  5. Re-test


Source and Message Keywords: MapViewModel, XML Serializer, StackTrace, User.cfg

To Resolve

  1. Right click on the PC*MILER 28 icon on your desktop. Select Open file location.
  2. Delete the file user.cfg and ALK.Layout.config located in that folder.
  3. Launch PC*MILER 28.