1. Open a command prompt.

  2. Change your current directory to the server install location.

  3. Create a record of the silent install. Type “setup.exe –r” into the command prompt. This will launch the setup.exe as normal, but now it will be logging whatever you click in the Installshield user interface into a special file called “setup.iss”. Complete the install and close the installer.

  4. Go to the Windows folder and look for “setup.iss”. This is the recording file that you just created. Copy it into the directory where setup.exe is located.

  5. Uninstall PC*MILER so that you can test the silent install next.

  6. From the command prompt, type “setup.exe /s”. This will install completely silently using the same choices that you made earlier. It should not pop up any windows.

  7. Now you can run “setup.exe /s” on as many computers as you want after that.