Estimated arrival and departure times at all stops on a route are shown in the mileage report in the route window after the route has been generated. These times appear in the ETA/ETD column to the far right. This column is inactive when an arrival or departure day/time has not been entered.  

ETA/ETD information also appears in the far right column of the Detailed Report if a day/time was entered for the route (the report may need to be scrolled to the right). This column will show the estimated times of arrival at every stop and toll plaza on the route. If a target arrival time was entered, the estimated departure time from the origin will be shown. If a departure time was entered, that time will be shown at the origin.  

In the Driver’s Report, if a route was run using real-time traffic data, a Delay column will appear just to the right of the Time column. The delay time identifies delays caused by the current traffic conditions on the first 15 miles of the trip.