If the separate HazMat data add-on module is installed, routing can be generated in North America, Europe and Oceania for various types of hazardous materials and dangerous goods using any PC*MILER route type.  

To generate a route for hazardous materials, select a Hazardous Materials route type in the Route Options dialog > Routing Preferences tab for the open route or create/edit a route profile to use for hazmat routing.

Hazardous material routing options for North America include: Other, Corrosive, Explosives, Flammable, Inhalants, and Radioactive. When Europe or Oceania is the selected region, the options are: Other, Explosives, Flammable, and Harmful to Water. (Additional tunnel restrictions categories in Europe – see Table 2 below). 

TIP:  The Other option should be used for any hazardous material that presents a danger during transportation and is not corrosive, explosive, flammable, inhalant, or radioactive. Common examples include: oxidizers (such as compressed oxygen tanks), combustible liquids (such as diesel fuel), and poisons (such as pesticides).

Table 1: Hazardous Material Route Options and Road Categories 

favor = routing will prefer these segments 

no change = routing will not be altered in any way 

avoid = routing will go around these segments whenever possible 

discourage = a lesser degree of avoidance, used when a state or road authority allows hazmat only at certain times of day, with prior notification, by permit, or in limited quantities, and for tunnels not otherwise classified

Table 2: Additional Hazmat Categories in Europe

For PC*MILER Worldwide and DTOD data users, the hazmat categories below are used in the Europe and Oceania regions.