Single-User License

A single-user license can be installed to only one PC or workstation locally. Single-user licenses cannot be installed onto a server environment to be shared with other computers.

Multi-User License

A multi-user license can be installed to a server environment, on the computer that will be sharing the licenses to other computers. It allows “x” number of concurrent workstation connections to PC*MILER at a time. For example, a 5-User License allows one installation on a central server or PC with as many workstation PCs as you want having access, but only 5 users can access PC*MILER at the same time.


Enterprise License

An Enterprise License allows users to install PC*MILER on any combination of end-user PCs or workstations without license limitations. It’s a cost-effective installation and licensing solution for larger companies with several users. It does not require license activation but requires signing an enterprise license supplemental agreement directly with Trimble MAPS.

Additional Copy License

Users can install PC*MILER locally onto additional PCs by purchasing additional copy licenses. If you purchase 5-copy licenses, you can install PC*MILER locally onto five additional PCs or workstations. If you’re installing onto a desktop PC and a laptop, two licenses are needed.

Evaluation License 

Provides a limited-time access to chosen product(s). After a signed agreement is entered into directly with Trimble MAPS, Trimble will provide the user with an applicable CD/DVD-Set along with an evaluation Product Key Code needed during the installation. This Product Key Code unlocks the contracted product(s) and is set to expire according to the timeframe agreed to in the signed agreement. When that time period ends, the user will not be able to access the installed product(s) unless the license is upgraded.

Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Services License

These programs, generically called “middleware,” enable single-user software programs to be “shared” across a computer network. They are an alternative to using the multi-user support built into the network version in the Trimble MAPS suite of products. Due to the nature of the these server environments, Trimble requires each customer operating within a Citrix/Terminal Services environment to obtain a separate Citrix/Terminal Services License whether or not they are in possession of a Multi-User Network License. This license covers the use and support of the installed product(s) over a Citrix/Terminal Services network. It provides the customer a license to operate the purchased product(s) over a Citrix/Terminal Services network limited only to the amount of users specified in the license.