Non-Network (Local) Installations

A non-network installation allows you to install PC*MILER to a PC or workstation locally, not to be shared with other computers.

Network Installations

A networked installation allows you to install PC*MILER on network file servers where each end-user can save their own option settings or can share option settings that are stored on the server. PC*MILER also supports silent installations. 

Citrix/Terminal Services Installations

PC*MILER can be installed onto a Citrix Server or Terminal Services environment, if you have purchased a license to do so. Each end-user must have a license to gain access to PC*MILER.


Trial Installation

A trial installation is a 15-day license to access PC*MILER’s features and data. It includes an installation of PC*MILER that provides highway-level routing, mileage and mapping, with options to install street-level routing, truck-specific toll costs, PC*MILER Energy data, worldwide highway-level mileage and mapping, Canadian postal codes, and SPLC. (These additional features are paid upgrades when purchased.) A trial installation cannot be upgraded, it must be uninstalled and reinstalled to add another product or feature.