1.   When the installation is complete, uncheck the Activate check box and then click Finish.

2.   Next, start PC*MILER:  Either click the PC*MILER icon on the desktop, or click the Windows Start menu and then select All Apps (or equivalent) > PCMILER XX > PCMILER XX.

3.   Select the Help tab > Proxy Setup.

4.   In the Proxy Setup dialog, check Use Proxy Server then enter a Host and Port.

5.   If needed, check Proxy Authentication then enter a Username and Password.

6.   Click OK to save your settings and close the dialog. PC*MILER is now set up to use the indicated proxy server when connecting to the Internet.

7.   Close PC*MILER.

8.   In the Windows Start menu, select All Apps (or equivalent) > PCMILER XX > License Status to open the PC*MILER License Tool window, then click Activate.

9.   Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the activation.