A Settings Importer utility is provided that lets you import customized route options and profiles, custom road speeds, and general application settings from the previous version. Here are a few things to note about this utility:

  • It will only import from the previous year’s release – i.e. from Version 36 to Version 37.
  • The following settings won’t be imported and must be reset in Version 37:
    • Length and Distance unit of measure (English/Metric)
    • Fuel in (gallons/liters)
    • State/Country Report Order (alphabetical/route order)
    • Settings that change annually, such as currency conversion rate and route costs.
  • The current default values in PC*MILER will be overwritten.  For trip options and road speeds, only those values that have been customized in the previous version will be imported.
  • The import utility includes a license check and won’t run on workstations using shared data.  An error message will appear if an import request cannot be processed.

To use the Settings Importer, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Windows Start menu > All Apps (or equivalent) > PCMILER 37 > Settings Importer.
  2. In this dialog, uncheck any settings you do NOT want to import.
  3. Choose a version from "Import settings saved in this PC*MILER version" drop-down.
  4. Click Import to proceed with the import (click Close if you decide not to proceed). Close the Settings Importer window when the process is complete.