The PC*MILER State/Country Report shows total toll costs at each stop, by state, and by trip if any tolls were calculated. To generate this report, first run a trip, then press the F6 key or select the Routes tab > Reports > State/Country.  

To have this report include a breakdown of toll costs by the type of discount program applied, go to the File menu > Application Settings > Tolls and check Show Cash and Discount Program Breakdown, then click Save. This can be done before or after the Report is generated. Discount program information will appear in the state/country summary section at the bottom of the report, in the Tolls column as shown below.

TIP:  If a Toll Discouraged route is run with toll reporting disabled in the Route Options dialog or the active route profile and the route needs to use a toll road, the State/Country Report will still report toll miles and the associated cost for that leg of the trip.