PC*MILER Streets add-on users with a Content Tools login now have access to the MapSure web tool. MapSure allows you to submit map data enhancement requests if you encounter any problems on the map related to missing or incorrect streets and addresses, street or highway names, turn restrictions, one-way designations, truck restrictions and allowances, toll road designations, or ZIP/Postal Codes. 

To Use MapSure

  1. From within PC*MILER, select the Help tab > Submit a Map Improvement or right click the map and select Report a Map Problem….* 
  2. On the MapSure web page, follow the on-screen instructions to report an error or a needed enhancement.

* The MapSure feature is only available if the Streets add-on is licensed and installed, and won’t appear in Highway-Only versions of PC*MILER.

NOTE:  If you have PC*MILER installed behind a Proxy and have trouble accessing the MapSure feature, go to Help > Proxy Setup to enter your proxy information. If the problem still persists, in a web browser go directly to http://mapsure.alk.com and login.