Weather reports provide detailed descriptions of all alerts generated along the route. For each alert, this report includes: the route leg, alert type, calculated entry and exit time into/out of the affected area, effective time, expiration time, and the certainty, severity, and urgency ratings. (The Weather add-on must be licensed and installed.)


There are three ways to generate a Weather Report:  

    • Select the Routes tab > Reports > Weather

    • Click View Report in the route window when an alert is displayed. 

    • (Print only) Select the File menu > Print Report > Weather.   

Double-click an alert in a report to zoom to that area on the map. Each alert has a time window and expiration time.

Weather Alert Categories

The categories in PC*MILER’s Weather Alerts Display dialog and Alerts map legend include the weather alert types listed below. All weather alerts data is provided by the U.S. National Weather Service/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Environment Canada.

Winter/Snow/Ice Alerts

  • Avalanche Advisory
  • Avalanche Warning
  • Avalanche Watch
  • Blizzard Warning
  • Blizzard Watch
  • Extreme Cold Warning
  • Extreme Cold Watch
  • Freeze Warning
  • Freeze Watch
  • Freezing Fog Advisory
  • Freezing Rain Advisory
  • Frost Advisory
  • Hard Freeze Warning
  • Hard Freeze Watch
  • Ice Storm Warning
  • Lake Effect Snow Advisory
  • Lake Effect Snow Warning
  • Lake Effect Snow Watch
  • Winter Storm Warning
  • Winter Storm Watch
  • Winter Weather Advisory

Severe Storm Alerts

  • Hazardous Weather Outlook
  • Hurricane Local Statement
  • Hurricane Warning
  • Hurricane Watch
  • Severe Thunderstorm Warning
  • Severe Thunderstorm Watch
  • Severe Weather Statement
  • Special Weather Statement
  • Storm Warning
  • Storm Watch
  • Tornado Warning
  • Tornado Watch
  • Tropical Depression Local Statement
  • Tropical Storm Local Statement
  • Tropical Storm Warning
  • Tropical Storm Watch
  • Typhoon Local Statement
  • Typhoon Warning
  • Typhoon Watch

Heat Alerts

  • Excessive Heat Warning
  • Excessive Heat Watch
  • Heat Advisory

Flood Alerts

  • Coastal Flood Advisory
  • Coastal Flood Statement
  • Coastal Flood Warning
  • Coastal Flood Watch
  • Flash Flood Statement
  • Flash Flood Warning
  • Flash Flood Watch
  • Flood Advisory
  • Flood Statement
  • Flood Warning
  • Flood Watch
  • Hydrologic Advisory
  • Hydrologic Outlook
  • Lakeshore Flood Advisory
  • Lakeshore Flood Statement
  • Lakeshore Flood Warning
  • Lakeshore Flood Watch
  • Overland Flood
  • Small Stream Flood Advisory
  • Storm Surge Warning
  • Storm Surge Watch
  • Tsunami Advisory
  • Tsunami Warning
  • Tsunami Watch
  • Urban and Small Stream Flood Advisory
  • Fire Warning
  • Fire Weather Watch

Visibility Alerts

  • Air Quality Alert
  • Air Stagnation Advisory
  • Ashfall Advisory
  • Ashfall Warning
  • Blowing Dust Advisory
  • Dense Fog Advisory
  • Dense Smoke Advisory
  • Dust Storm Warning
  • Extreme Fire Danger
  • Red Flag Warning

Wind Alerts

  • Extreme Wind Warning
  • High Wind Warning
  • High Wind Watch
  • Hurricane Force Wind Warning
  • Hurricane Force Wind Watch
  • Lake Wind Advisory
  • Wind Advisory
  • Wind Chill Advisory
  • Wind Chill Warning
  • Wind Chill Watch