The Driver’s Report provides easy-to-read detailed driving instructions with turn-by-turn directions and distance between turns, as well as driving times that include the duration of each stop (if durations were defined). This report includes all alerts that appear in the Detailed Report.  

The three ways to generate a Driver’s Report after running a route are:  

    • Route window gear button > Reports > Driver’s 

    • Select the Routes tab > Reports > Driver’s 

    • (Print only) File menu > Print Report > Driver’s  

Traffic Delays

If the route was run using real-time traffic data and the departure time for the trip is within 15 minutes of the current time, the Delay column just to the right of the Time column identifies delays caused by the current traffic conditions on the first 15 miles of the trip.


As with other reports, when warnings for restrictions are generated, they appear in red lettering at the point where the restriction is encountered.  For example, the following Driver’s Report shows restrictions relating to 53-foot trailers in New York City: