When you open PC*MILER, you’ll see an active route window on the left, the PC*MILER map window on the right, and a Ribbon toolbar at the top. The Ribbon contains layered toolbars organized in tabs like a set of file folders. When you click a tab, the attached toolbar becomes visible. 

The options in each toolbar on the Ribbon pertain to tasks that are related to each other. For example, all tools in the Map tab perform tasks related to the map window. In the screenshot below, the Routes toolbar is visible.

1. The File Application Menu. Click the red File drop-down to open the PC*MILER application menu. Use this menu to print and save maps and reports, change application settings, close all open routes or reports, and to exit PC*MILER.

2. The Ribbon. There are five tabs on the PC*MILER Ribbon: Routes, Map, Tools, Window and Help. The Ribbon can be minimized if needed: right click on it and select Minimize the Ribbon.

3. The Routes Window.  This is where all your trips are created and edited. To float this window as a separate window, click the down arrow in the upper right corner and choose FloatUp to eight routes can be open simultaneously inside the Routes window. Click the Routes tab > New Route to open a new route entry window in which you can enter stops and then generate costs, miles and time estimates.  

4. The PC*MILER Map Window. Each route you run is automatically drawn on the map in the color shown on the left edge of each route window, in the Route legend on the map, and on the Ribbon. Use this window to compare routes, zoom into stops and specific locations, pick stops directly from the map, drag a generated route onto new roads, create avoid/favor preferences, and more. With Weather and Traffic add-ons installed, the map can display current weather patterns and traffic data as well.  (Applicable licenses required.)