The three panes in the PC*MILER application window – Routes, Map and Reports – can be arranged in several different layouts. Select the Window tab > Layouts and choose your preferred layout. Use the Report Location menu to choose a position for the Reports window. The Routes Window and Map Window buttons can be used to reopen these windows when they have been hidden.

Additionally, these panes can be individually resized, floated as a separate window, or hidden. Click the down arrow in the window controls and select an option. 


Detaches the pane from the main PC*MILER application window, so that it can be moved around your screen.


Reverses the “Float” command – the pane will return to its previous position inside the PC*MILER application window.


Hides the pane. Another way to do this is to simply click the “X” next to the drop-down arrow. To reopen, use the options in the Window toolbar.