To enter a city or town using the city/state format:

1.   Select Postal Code in the stop type drop-down.


2.   Type the city name and two-letter state/province/country abbreviation or fully spelled out state name in the City field, then click Add Stop or press the Enter key on your keyboard. The city and state/country do not need to be capitalized, but do need to be separated by either a comma or a space. The city name can be any length. If the city name contains two or three words, each portion of the city name must be separated by spaces.


chicago, il  

chicago il   

chicago, illinois

paris,fr (PC*MILER Worldwide or DTOD Data users only)

los angeles, ca

salt lake city, ut

salt lake city, utah

belle croix,fr (PC*MILER Worldwide or DTOD Data users only)

3.   PC*MILER will search through the database for a match to the location you entered. If there are multiple listings in the database for the same location, a scrollable pick list will open. Highlight your choice and click OK.

4.   If your entry was valid, a stop list will open above the City field and the stop you entered will be displayed as the trip origin along with a time zone:

Turn Off the Pick List

If you want PC*MILER to pick a default match rather than open a pick list of multiple postal codes, select the File menu > Application Settings > Geocoding.   


Spelling Help

Spelling help is available for city names. You can also look up state/country abbreviations. 

Country Code Format

If PC*MILER Worldwide or DTOD Data is installed, country abbreviations outside North America may be entered using FIPS 2-character, ISO 2-character, ISO 3-character, GENC 2-character or GENC 3-character codes. To choose one of those formats for stop entry, select the File menu > Application Settings > Worldwide.