(Requires a license for PC*MILER Worldwide or DTOD Data)

The correct world region must be selected when entering stops. The current region is displayed at the top of each route entry window. 

To set the default region for all trips:   


1. Select the File menu > Application Settings > General.

2. Choose a region from the Default Region drop-down.

3. Click Save.

To change the region for the currently active route window only, select a region from the drop-down in the Routes tab.

If the wrong region is selected, normally either an error message will appear or your input will be matched with a city by the same name in the selected region. (For example, if you enter “Paris, FR” when your region is North America, “Paris, AR” will be returned as a stop.)

However, PC*MILER generates some trans-regional routing. Because routing between Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East is possible, locations may be entered that do not match the selected region. (For example, entering “Paris, FR” will return the correct stop if Asia or Africa is the selected region.)

You may also need to change the map window to the desired region if you wish to see graphic displays of the routes you run:

1.   Select the Map tab > Frame > Frame Areas.


2.   Choose a region.