To change the version of the map data that PC*MILER uses to calculate routes:

1.   Select the Map tab > Change Data Set.


2.   Make a selection from the available options. Options will vary depending on which data sets are installed.

3.   The currently loaded data set will be displayed in the title bar of the map window, shown at the bottom of each page in any generated reports in Print View, and selected with a checkmark in the Change Data Set menu.

Note: "Base" is the data set most often used for rating. It is the data packaged with PC*MILER at the time that version was released. Starting with PC*MILER 35, "Base" is the only data set available for each worldwide region.


PC*MILER Worldwide Users

Streets data modules are available for local street addresses in Canada, the United States, Europe, and some countries in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Oceania and South America. Each module may be purchased separately. The correct data set must be selected before you enter an address. When you activate a data set, the correct region will automatically be active in Application Settings

Note that Streets data sets in world regions outside North America may not include coverage for every country in the region. Therefore, when such a data set is selected, routes can’t be run within or across countries not included in the Streets data set. The Worldwide Highway data set must be used to run routes that enter countries not covered in the Streets data set.