When a stop location is entered, PC*MILER searches for matches in its database. If an exact match is not found, the program will offer you a "Pick List" of possible locations to choose from. The pick list feature works by default, unless you turn it off in the File menu > Application Settings > Geocoding. Common ways to take advantage of the pick list include: 

Spelling Help

If you're not sure how to spell a city name, or if you received an error message when entering a city and state abbreviation:


1.  In the City field of a route window, type the first letter or first few letters of the city name followed by a comma or space and the two-letter state/ province/estado abbreviation. Note that typing more letters of the city name (i.e. two or three rather than just one) will decrease the processing time needed to create a list of matches.


chi,il     los ang, ca     los a,ca     p fr  (PC*MILER Worldwide only)       


2.   Click Add Stop or press Enter

3.   A pick list of possible matches will open.

4.   Scroll the list if necessary and highlight the city or ZIP/Postal code that you wish to select, then click OK.

ZIP/Postal Code Help

If you’re unsure of a particular postal code or if you receive an error message when entering a postal code:

1.   Select Postal Code in the stop type drop-down.

2.   In the City field of a route window, type at least the first two digits of the postal code.  For postal codes outside North America, enter a country code as well.  Examples: 60 or 606 fr (France – PC*MILER Worldwide required).

3.   Click Add Stop or press Enter to bring up a pick list of matches.

4.   Scroll the list if necessary and highlight your selection.

5.   Click OK

Duplicate City Names and County Designations

In the PC*MILER database, there are several thousand instances of towns in the same state, province or estado that share the same name. 

In certain circumstances, duplicates can be separately identified by means of their differing postal codes. You can also identify your desired stop by the county listing in the town name. In the database, the county name follows the state abbreviation (e.g. Hamlin, PA, Wayne). It appears in the route window after a stop has been entered, in small letters after the city name and state abbreviation.

If you know the county in which the duplicate city is located, you can enter that exact city in the stop entry field.  Do so by entering the city and state, followed by a comma and the county name as in any of these examples:

hamlin, pa, wayne            hamlin,pa, wayne

hamlin, pa,wayne             hamlin,pa,wayne

If you are not sure which city is the stop you want

1. Enter the city name and state/province/estado abbreviation.  When you 

2. Click Add Stop, and a pick list will provide the possible choices in the database along with county names. The order in which locations are listed in the pick list is based on such factors as population and geographic centrality. 

3.  Select the correct city from the pick list and click OK to enter it as a stop.

TIP:  Another way to see the county name: zoom to the town on the map and place your cursor over it without clicking – the full name of the town, with its county, will appear in a tooltip.