To enter a postal code:

1.   Select Postal Code in the stop type drop-down.

2,   Enter a valid postal code in the City field.

Entering any valid postal code creates a search for the corresponding city. The city name will be entered as a stop, along with the postal code, state/country abbreviation, and county/province if it exists in the database.  If you enter 08540 (North America region), PC*MILER will return:  08540 Princeton, NJ, Mercer.

For PC*MILER Worldwide and DTOD Data Users 

When you enter postal codes outside North America, you need to enter a country abbreviation to avoid being routed to the wrong country in cases where the same postal code exists in more than one country. Enter the postal code, a comma, and the correct two-letter country abbreviation.

Example:           46001, sp  (Valencia, Spain)