A Standard Point Location Code (SPLC) can be entered as a stop for any location in North America that has a SPLC assigned to it. SPLCs may be six or nine digits in length. SPLC data used in PC*MILER products is owned, maintained and copyrighted by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. (The PC*MILER SPLC data add-on module is required.)  

To enter a SPLC:

1.   Select SPLC from the stop type drop-down. When SPLC is selected, you won’t be able to enter other types of locations.

2.   Type your entry and click Add Stop or press Enter

If you need help finding the correct SPLC for a particular location, a pick list of possibilities can be generated:

1.   First make sure that “SPLC” is selected in the drop-down to the left of the City field.

2.   Type at least the first two digits of the SPLC.

3.   Click Add Stop

 A pick list will be generated unless the pick list option is disabled in File > Application Settings > Geocoding.