To hide columns, right click on any column header in a report and click on Column Chooser

In the Column Chooser dialog, uncheck any columns you don't want to see in the report. You can also add a Report Memo to describe the report. 

To change a column's width, click on the line separately column headers and drag the double arrow to the right or left.


To see a preview of how the report will look when it is printed, check Show Print Preview in the upper left corner of the report. The Print Preview view will be displayed along with a toolbar for editing the page layout and font size. Place your cursor over any button on the toolbar to see a tooltip that briefly describes what that button is for. 


To change the font size in the active report, use the Font Size drop-down on the toolbar.  For adjustments to the page layout, there are six buttons that control formatting (portrait vs. landscape) and magnification.