There are several ways to enter latitude/longitude points as stops on a route in PC*MILER.  

Copy and Paste a Lat/Long From the Map

1.   Pass your cursor over the map, you’ll see its lat/long position tracked in the status bar in the lower left corner of the map window.

2.   With the lat/long you want to enter displayed in the status bar, right click the map and choose Copy Latitude/Longitude from the menu.

3.   Click in a route window’s City field and paste (Ctrl-V or Paste in the right mouse menu). 

Pick a Lat/Long From the Map

1.   Select the Routes tab > Pick Stop on Map button , OR right click the map and select Pick Stop.

2.   Click on the point you want to enter. (It’s easier to pick a lat/long accurately at higher zoom levels.)

Enter a Lat/Long Directly in the Route Window

You can enter a lat/long directly in the City field in a route entry window, using a degrees minutes seconds direction format (e.g. 0401750N,0742131W) or decimal degrees (e.g. 40.297222N,74.358611W). Here is an example of an actual lat/long near Kendall Park, NJ in both formats: