Stops can be entered directly from the PC*MILER map window by pointing and clicking with the mouse. To pick a stop:


1.   Select the Routes tab > Stops > Pick Stop on Map button; or select Pick Stops from the right-mouse menu in the Map window. 

2.   In the Map window, the cursor will now be in the shape of a hand. Click on the target location to add it as a stop in the active route window. The point will be entered as a place name or latitude/longitude point. Note that it’s easier to grab the location you want at closer zoom levels.

3.   Alternatively, in the map window’s right-mouse menu select Copy Latitude/Longitude to copy the lat/long displayed in the status bar below, then paste into the City field of a route window (Ctrl-V or right click > Paste).

TIP: When your cursor hovers over the map, its latitude/longitude position is automatically tracked and appears in the status bar in the lower left corner of the program window.