PC*MILER can optimize the order of stops in the active route window to minimize the total time (when using Practical routing), the total distance (when using Shortest routing), total toll distance (when using Toll Discouraged routing), and distance of the National Network (when using State + National Network routing). 

Optimizing stops provides the optimal stop order, keeping the origin the same or, optionally, keeping both the origin and destination the same. 

To determine best routes based on a set of stops

1.   Select the Routes tab > Optimize > Optimize Stops or press Alt+F10 on your keyboard to bring up the Optimize Stop Order dialog.

2.   Choose an option:

  • Route Through All: Stops will be optimized in any order, with only the origin remaining fixed. The route must have at least three stops.
  • Destination Fixed: Keeps the origin and destination the same. The route must have at least four stops.
  • Run route after optimizing stops: Automatically generates the route when optimization is finished.

3.   Click OK.

TIP: The original stop order cannot be recovered after optimizing, so you may want to save or duplicate the original route before optimizing.

Reversing the Order of Stops

To reverse the order of all stops on the stop list, select the Reverse Stops button in the Routes toolbar > Stops

This option can be useful in combination with the route optimization feature. 

For example, you might need to make multiple pickups and you want to start at the farthest one on the route and end up at some other location for delivery. Enter the delivery location first, then enter your pickup points. Next, optimize your route keeping the first and last stops the same. After optimizing, reverse the order of stops. This will put your farthest pickup point first on the list, and your delivery point last, with an efficient route in between.