PC*MILER includes a Location Radius search tool to assist with rate determination and trip planning. This tool enables you to find cities or postal codes within a specified radius around any location. You can also search for POIs, including custom places.

To use the Location Radius feature

1.   Select the Routes tab > Location Radius.

2.   Enter a location in the City field. The location can be a city/state, postal code, latitude/longitude, or custom place. If PC*MILER Streets is installed, an address can also be entered. 

3.   Use the check boxes to select which types of places to include in your search: Cities, Postal Codes, or both.

4.   Enter a Geographical Distance (Radius).

5.   Click Find to search. The list below will be populated with the search results.

Selecting, Saving and Plotting Locations

Places on the search results list can be added to the active trip as stops, plotted on the map, or saved to a text file. To select locations on the list:

1.   Click a location to highlight it.

2.   To select multiple places, hold down the Ctrl key then click on additional places; or hold down the Shift key and click a second place on the list—everything between the two places will be highlighted. (To select all places, highlight the first place on the list, then hold down the Shift key and highlight the last place, scrolling down if necessary.)

3.   With your places selected, you can:

  • Add them as stops in the active route window – click Add Stops
  • Save them to a text file – click Save
  • Plot them on the map – click Plot Points. Plotted points will appear as small red squares.
  • Copy them to the Windows clipboard for pasting into another application—highlight your selection and press Ctrl+C on your keyboard.

To clear the search from the picklist and map, click Clear

TIP: The maximum number of matching places that can be displayed after you execute the search is 15,000. In some cases, you may need to specify a smaller radius to get a complete list of matches.