PC*MILER reports can be saved to disk. Do one of the following:  

  • Choose Save Report to File from the File application menu. 
  • Click the Save button (upper right corner of the report).

In addition, PC*MILER reports can be copied to the clipboard for use with other Windows® programs such as Microsoft® Word. To copy and paste a report:  

  • Select the report in the Reports window. 
  • Check Show Print Preview in the upper left corner. 
  • In the toolbar that displays, click the Copy icon.    
  • In the application you are copying to, press Ctrl+V to paste.

TIP: With some reports you may get better layout results if you save the report as a .CSV (comma separated value) file and then import that file into your target application. This may be especially true for the Detailed Route report with its many columns. To save the active report, select the File application menu > Save Report to File and select “.csv” as the file type.