PC*MILER calculates a total cost for each generated route. This cost estimate is determined by multiplying a dollar amount per mile by the number of miles. In Application Settings > Route Costs, the trip costs that go into the dollar amount per mile have been broken out into fuel costs, labor costs, and other miscellaneous costs. For informational purposes only, a greenhouse gas emissions value is also included.

Greenhouse Gases

Enter the pounds per gallon or liter emissions as CO2 equivalent, or use the default values. Leg and total greenhouse gas (GHG) emission estimates appear in the State/Country Report, and a total GHG estimate appears in the Comparison Report. The default settings are based on values for North America that were provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Fuel Cost per Gallon (or Liter)

To switch between gallons and liters, use the File tab > Application Settings > Units. All world regions have the same default value for fuel cost, depending on the unit of measure.

Miles (or Kilometers) per Gallon (or Liter)

To switch between miles and kilometers, use the File tab > Application Settings > Units.

Fuel Cost per Mile (or Kilometer)

These fields are for reference only and cannot be edited. Values are based on the Fuel Cost Per Gallon/Liter and MPG/MPL, and are used to calculate the fuel cost total that appears in the Comparison Report.  

TIP: The PC*MILER fuel costs calculated when you run a route may vary slightly from what you would get by simply multiplying the fuel cost per mile/kilometer times the number of miles. This is normal and expected, because PC*MILER calculations use internal values that have greater precision than the values you see on your screen.  

Other Cost per Mile (or Kilometer) 

These are estimated miscellaneous costs and may be edited. 

Labor Cost per Hour

A default value is included and may be edited. 

Reset to Default

Click this button to restore all route cost changes to the PC*MILER default settings.

Default Route Costs for PC*MILER 37 (U.S. Dollars)

CostU.S. CustomaryCostMetric
Greenhouse Gases (lbs/gallon)22.4Greenhouse Gases (kgs/liter)2.68
Fuel Cost Per Gallon$4.02Fuel Cost Per Liter$1.06
Miles Per Gallon Loaded6.96Kilometers Per Liter Loaded2.96
Miles Per Gallon Empty6.96Kilometers Per Liter Empty2.96
Fuel Cost Per Mile Loaded$0.58Fuel Cost Per Kilometer Loaded$0.36
Fuel Cost Per Mile Empty$0.58Fuel Cost Per Kilometer Empty$0.36
Other Cost Per Mile Loaded$0.22Other Cost Per Kilometer Loaded$0.14
Other Cost Per Mile Empty$0.22Other Cost Per Kilometer Empty$0.14
Labor Cost Per Hour Loaded$47.89Labor Cost Per Hour Loaded$47.89
Labor Cost Per Hour Empty$47.89Labor Cost Per Hour Loaded$47.89