Time formats and distance units used in all PC*MILER route calculations and reports can be set in Application Settings > Units

Length and Distance in

Select the units of measure to use for route calculations and reports – US Customary (miles, feet, inches) or Metric (kilometers, miles). The default value is US Customary.  

Distance Precision

Choose how many decimal points will be calculated and displayed for distances – Whole Number, Tenths, Hundredths, or Thousandths. The default value is Tenths.  

Time Format

Choose whether times of day should be displayed in AM/PM or 24 Hours (“military”) format; e.g. 3:20 PM or 15:20. The default value is AM/PM.  

Time Zone

Options are Local, System, or a specific time zone. The default value is Local.  

Fuel in

Select Gallons or Liters for fuel reporting. Affects trip costs and distances shown in reports and route windows. The default value is Gallons.