PC*MILER’s route profiles let you create and save comprehensive sets of custom routing options and quickly apply them to a route. Using profiles can help ensure your frequently used options are correctly and consistently used when generating routes. 

A profile can be applied to individual routes, or globally to all new routes using a Default profile. Route profiles can be created, edited, deleted, and designated as favorites, with the exception of the Default Rating profile which can be edited but not deleted.  

When using a route profile, the profile must be selected for a route before all other options. When you change the route profile, it resets any other options set for the route, including an ETA/ETD.  

To begin working with route profiles, select the Routes tab > Profiles.

The Manage Profiles Dialog

Off the shelf, PC*MILER applies a Default Rating profile to each new route that includes options suitable for 48-foot semi-trailer trucks in North America and provides several other sample profiles suitable for different vehicle types. The default 48-foot options are the same standard default settings that were historically applied to PC*MILER routes. 

These default values can be edited by the user to be more reflective of the equipment used in the field, e.g. light, medium-duty and/or heavy vehicles.

(Available in Version 34 and Higher) PC*MILER also includes a variety of preset profiles based on vehicle types and sizes that you can apply to routes or edit based on your preferences.