In the Manage Profiles dialog, users can create and edit a virtually unlimited number of profiles. The list of profiles becomes scrollable when it outgrows the area of visibility.  

To designate a favorite, select it on the profile list and click the star to the left of the profile name. The star will turn yellow, and the favorite will be moved to the top of the list under the Default profile. To remove a profile’s favorite status, click the yellow star. 

Favorites profiles can be quickly accessed using the New From Profile drop-down in the Routes tab. The order of profiles on this menu will  be as follows:

  • The Default profile is always at the top.
  • Favorites are listed under the Default profile in alphabetical order. 
  • All other profiles are listed under the favorites in alphabetical order. 
  • To delete a profile, select it on the list and click the trash can to the right.