The PC*MILER map window features 20 possible zoom levels. You’ll see the current zoom level in the window’s title bar (e.g. “Zoom Level 14 of 20”).      

To zoom into a specific area

1. Select the Box Zoom control in the upper left corner of the Map window. 

2. Drag a box around the area: press and hold the left mouse button down and drag the cursor on the map. 

3. Repeat to zoom in closer. 


To zoom directly to a stop, do one of the following: 

1. Double-click the stop in the route window's stop list.

2. Right-click on the stop name in the route window and select Zoom to Stop from the menu. 

Other ways to zoom your view of the map 

1. Double-click a point on the map.

2. Use your mouse’s scroll wheel: rotate the mouse wheel up to zoom in and down to zoom out.

3. Choose Zoom In or Zoom Out from the right-click mouse menu off the map.